Using 3d Solidworks Software allows our design team to produce complex and highly evolved mechanical solutions in a minimum of time.

Working as an highly integrated team allows control, marketing, ordering and commisioning considerations to be addressed at an early stage in the design process resulting in efficient, elegant and cost effective solutions.

Making full use of OEM models, ground up design and Solidworks advanced modelling capabilities we are able to produce 2d working drawings of the highest standard.

Because we focus on incorporating design up front and we model as much as we possibly can, once assembly commences there are less problems to solve and questions to answer.

Solidworks 2011
Baker drive train
Solidworks 2011 includes a variety of sophisticated tools which make complex drawings easy to draw and visualise.
Baker drive train exploded
And drawings, Explosions, Views and 2d working drawings are modified parametrically.

Photrealistic images are easily produced.
Baker drive train closeup
Autocad is still used for certain applications, wiring diagrams and HMI visualisations.
Floor 3Bentalls