Ritech Systems designed a gluedot applicator in the course of building a Sim card packaging machine for Cellpack Ltd.

The machine takes wallets from a hopper, Pick and Places them onto a purpose designed indexing conveyor where they are moved under a gluedot applicator.

The gluedot machine applies one dot from a roll to enable the Sim cards t be held.

The wallet is then indexed under a sim card station where the next sim card is placed from a stack.

The next index places the wallet and card under a vision system which extracts the unique 19 digit sim card No via OCR and sends the information to a seperate windows based dedicated program.

At the same time a barcode reader records the code from a roll of pre-printed labels located under the machine.

This information is sent to the database comparison program which compared the card, label and batch database and then, assuming the numbers match, signals the PLC control system which releases the wallet for the label applicator to attach the label.

The gluedot applicator has susequently been completely redesigned and will be marketed under Idea Engineers.

Gluedot Applicator in action: