Incoming fuel at RAF Brize Norton
This project was to enable monitoring of the filter system for all the incoming fuel on a busy military airport. If the fuel is contaminated, principally with water, the fuel filter will blind quickly and is detected by measuring the differential pressure across the filter.
Traditionally personnel have had to travel across the runway and take plot readings from the DP gauge attached to the filters. They would then make the decision to change the filters over based on the increase in pressure.

If the filter became blocked in between visits contaminated fuel would overcome the filter and would then contaminate the holing tanks.

The updated system now records the differential pressures over a network and visually displays them in the control room. The decision to change over filters can be made remotely.
Some operations required in the changeover routine can only be completed manually but the new system guides the technician through the process and performs the necessary valve changeovers, displaying the status of the pumps and valves on the mimic display.
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Both Displays
New Mimic