Ritech Systems has developed a system to control hydraulic or electric jacks to level any static vehicle or platform. Designed to be totally automatic, it can be controlled remotely at up to 30 metres just by pressing a keyfob.
Having developed working prototypes and a compact PCB embedded system we have a complete production systeml. We feel the applications as demonstrated by our installation in a demountable promotion unit are endless - from luxury motorhomes and mobile cranes, to mobile video screens and de-mountable TV production units.
Right: The 1st conceptual prototype to
test viability of idea.

A rectangular frame with hydraulic cylinders at
each corner was put together with the control
and hydraulic equipment loosely lashed on.

Results were interesting and many hours of
development programming was required.


Interpreting the signals from an array of 4 highly sensitive and carefully positioned mercury switches, the signals are damped by the control system and the required correction fed to the electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

By incrementally adjusting one corner at a time, the software gently manoevers the chassis or platorm into it's correct position - this not only helps reduce torsional loads on the chassis, but prevents shocks from damaging items onboard.

Flexible chassis, such as lorries require the sensors to be placed next to the cylinders in the corners of the truck to account for the natural flexing of the chassis.

Right: Sealed Mercury sensors shown mounted
in ‘rigid chassis’ 5 sensor plate.

Each of the orbital sensors is inclined at 5 deg
to provide increased sensitivity.

With the advances it technology the whole system
has been redesigned and is currently being tested prior
to the first production batches.l